The Next Big Wave

LOGIPIA was established on November 15, 2018 to establish the logistics platform with a specialized company in maritime port logistics industry, and Damon, a specialized company in block chain and cryptocurrency.

LOGIPIA will lead the paradigm shift of the next generation logistics industry.

LOGIPIA foundation will not only overcome the various pain points faced in the global maritime port logistics industry, but will also try to change the industry with the new process and system that have not been experienced before.

In particular, LOGIPIA will lead the future of the industry with a breakthrough service that includes a reliable B2B payment system using R2X Blockchain held by DAMON.


R2X is a blockchain platform that is being planned and developed by Damon. The R2X blockchain allows you to process your transactions faster and more securely than with traditional block chains, using Damon's proprietary skill smart nodes, mega blocks, and SUPER NODE.

The POK in the R2X blockchain is a proprietary consensus algorithm that combines the advantages of the existing POW and POS consensus algorithm. Instead of POW which requires a lot of cost and power, and POS which is a lot of initial investment cost, you can participate in the block generation without unnecessary energy consumption through the authorization method using the key.
Smart Node
SUPER NODE is the core of the block chain R2X platform. It is connected to a smart node that directly executes a transaction. This constitutes the R2X platform full blockchain. SUPER NODE applies BTA (Block Size Transfer Algorithm). It works with SMART NODE and has a variable block size. (2~8Mbyte) This approach makes the blockchain lighter and enables faster transaction processing.
Mega Block is a double security blockchain created by the BDTP protocol in SUPER NODE. * Block chain data (Transaction, Record) encrypted through BDTP is stored to form a blockchain, and mutual verification with SUPER NODE is performed to increase security of R2X blockchain. This double security blockchain authentication system is patented as a proprietary architecture of Damon Co., Ltd. **BDTP - Blockchain Diegest Transmission Protocol

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